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Fidaa Moghrabi

Ruth Clinic
Tel Aviv

Fidaa Mugrabi is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, with experience in treating various psychopathologies including trauma and complex trauma. In the recent years, she has taken interest in working in the field of gender and culture oriented mental health, especially with African refugees, Palestinian and Israeli LGBT community members as well as people trying to break the cycle of prostitution.

Fidaa holds an M.D from the Technion and is interested in exploring different therapeutic modalities. She uses various therapies including pharmacotherapy, insight-oriented psychotherapy, mindfulness and IFS. The doctor has been studying the therapeutic effects of psychedelic assisted psychotherapies, and has participated in MAPS training for MDMA assisted psychotherapy, in addition to a training in the Israeli Psychedelic Psychotherapy program.

She is also interested in the role of mental health in the modern society and is now the leading psychiatrist of the first hospitalization alternative for the Palestinian people [in Israel]. Finally, Fidaa participates in study groups regarding the possible role of psychedelic mediation in conflict resolution.

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