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We are pleased to announce Psychedelic Medicine Israel, an exciting, interdisciplinary, international scientific conference will now be held in Tel Aviv on July 28-31, 2024.

The Next Revolution?

It is more than 60 years since the remarkable decade, when lithium, antipsychotics and antidepressants were introduced into psychiatry, until then a field completely lacking effective medications. Since that time changes in psychopharmacology have been incremental rather than groundbreaking. With the rediscovery of psychedelic drugs as potential treatments for psychiatric disorders, we may be on the verge of the next revolution. 

Psychedelic Renaissance

A palpable atmosphere of excitement and innovation pervades the field of psychedelic medicine as more and more clinical and preclinical researchers take up the challenge and the nascent psychedelics drug development industry grows by leaps and bounds. Most remarkably, therapeutic developments are bringing together psychotherapy and psychopharmacology even as the debate intensifies as to whether the perceptual effects of psychedelics are necessary for their therapeutic action.
The potential impact of psychedelics is not limited to psychiatry. Fields such as neurology, palliative care, addiction and pain medicine are among the potential beneficiaries along with inflammatory and possibly autoimmune disorders. Anecdotal and uncontrolled reports of efficacy still outnumber randomized controlled trials, but the gap is narrowing as state-of-the-art studies are published in the most influential journals. What is remarkable is that the field enjoys an unbounded supply of mostly untapped and unstudied entheogens many of which have a long history as folk treatments, some almost since the dawn of time.

Our Conference

These exciting times for psychedelic medicine warrant a unique international conference.  Psychedelic Medicine – Israel 2024 will provide a truly interdisciplinary international forum for exchanging ideas, unveiling innovations and training in the basics of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. The conference will encompass basic, translational and clinical research. A richly varied program will include Plenary Lectures, Thematic Symposia, Poster Sessions, Workshops and informal Salons for discussion and interaction. Participations of students and trainees will be encouraged via Young Investigator Stipends that will be open for worldwide application. 

Participation of the highly innovative psychedelic drug development sector is fostered and encouraged. We look forward to the support of the industry to allow the conference to attain its scientific and educational goals. Sponsorships will be available and acknowledged. There will be a central exhibition area for industry to present its products and innovation. 

Tel Aviv is a perfect choice for hosting international meetings. It is a modern cultural center, and boasts many fine restaurants, art galleries, beaches, entertainment centers and museums. It is a city that bustles with nonstop activity day and night.

We look forward to welcoming you to Psychedelic Medicine – Israel 2024 in Tel Aviv on July 28-31, 2024. This unique conference could well mark the entry of psychedelics into mainstream medicine. You should be there and the time to start preparing is now.

Sincerely yours,


Bernard Lerer MD and Keren Tzarfaty PhD

Conference Chairs

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