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Abstract Submission

Important information regarding Symposia, Salons, Courses and Workshops

Abstract submission is closed however due to the postponement presenters of symposia, individual talks and posters are able to update their submitted abstracts until May 15, 2024, to include updated data in their presentation.

Abstract submissions welcome for:​

  • the new track on 'Psychedelics, War and Conflict'. Submissions for both oral and poster available. 

  • Poster presentations  on all topics

Deadline to submit new abstracts May 1

Please see as follows an explanation on the Psychedelic Medicine – Israel 2024 presentations:


Thematic Symposia

  • Symposia are focused on a specific research topic that is preclinical, translational, clinical or ethical/social/ legal

  • 2 hour sessions

  • 4 speakers

  • Each speaker allocated 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions

  • 1 Chair, 1 Co-Chair


Individual Presentations

  • Present your research in any area of Psychedelic Medicine

  • Individual presentations are focused on a specific research topic that is preclinical, translational, clinical or ethical/social/ legal and must contain data

  • Individual presentations that are accepted will be curated into thematic



  • These will be informal sessions that allow exposure to extensive and rich knowledge that emanates from fields allied to classical research. Salons can be discussion groups led by two moderators, informal presentations and discussion of scientific data around a central topic or debates between proponents of different viewpoints followed by a discussion. Other content can be proposed. Salons will consist of the following:

  • 2 hour sessions

  • Two moderators

  • 4 to 6 participants including the moderators

Submission closed



  • Individual participants can submit abstracts for poster presentations

  • Only registered participants will be able present posters at the conference

  • Posters will be presented in person at thematically organized poster sessions. 

  • Posters will be available for viewing the whole day of the poster session in which they are included.


Courses and Workshops

  • During the conference it will be possible to hold 2-hour courses or workshops relevant to psychedelic medicine.

Submission closed
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