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Aida Finkelstein

Sabar Health, Home Hospital

Dr. Ida Bar-Dov was born in Lvov (West Ukraine) and made Aliyah to Israel in 1990, after completing her medical training.

She has always been curios and passionate about mental health, personal development, and the meaning of life’s journey. In Israel she entered the field of psychotherapy and completed the long road to certification as Jungian Analyst. Ida is member of the New Israeli Jungian Association (NIJA) and she has a private practice.

Ida combines her role of psychotherapist with working as a palliative care physician at the home hospice department of “Sabar Health”, the largest home hospice service in Israel. She is certified for prescribing Medical Grade Cannabis for End-of-Life patients.

In last few years Ida is especially interested in benefits of psychedelic substances for mental health, quality of life and death. In 2021 she completed The Israeli Certificate Program for Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy and is waiting to complete MAPS training program for MDMA-assisted therapy.

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