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Noam Enbar

Music Curator


Noam Enbar is a versatile artist and a driving force behind several groundbreaking musical projects. As a singer, composer, and songwriter, his music challenges established norms.

Noam is the founder of the Israeli post-rock band, Habiluim, the Klezmer-Punk ensemble, Oy Division, and The Great Gehenna Choir. He's also known for composing music for theater and film, and he's performed at music festivals and art events worldwide.

Habiluim's music is a fusion of post-rock, psychedelia, Russian folk, and early Israeli folk. The band has earned renown as one of Israel's most politically engaged musical groups. Throughout its two-decade journey, the band has amassed a significant following and left an enduring imprint on the Israeli music landscape, influencing nearly every album released since its inception in the early 2000s.

After Habiluim, Noam shifted his focus to Jewish-Yiddish folk music, seeking the raw vigor of this tradition. This led to the creation of Oy Division, a band with which he toured festivals in both Europe and the United States.

In 2015, Noam founded The Great Gehenna Choir, a diverse group of vocalists from varied backgrounds. Through his compositions for the choir, he explores the interplay of art and ritual, crafting soul-stirring and thought-provoking musical ceremonies.

Over the past decade, Noam has developed an innovative vocal method. He believes that singing, a practice that nourishes the heart, regulates breath, and fosters unity, should be accessible to all, not just professional vocalists.

Noam also holds space as a musician in ceremonies for diverse communities, convinced of the transformative power of psychedelic work to unite and connect people.

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