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Nili Goldfine

NGG Gobal Consulting Solutions

Nili Goldfein is EVP & Biz. Dev. At NGG- Global consulting group (

With over 30 years of supporting both global and local organizations in transforming; and working with thousands of business leaders; she is a leading expert in her field. In the last few years, she is a media publicist in leadership and management in a world of disruption.

Her work philosophy and practical toolbox combines west and east roots of wisdom and traditions.

Ms. Goldfein holds a M.A. in social psychology from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem; certification in business development; marketing; group dynamics; interactive leadership and more; as well as certification in Healing; Theta Healing; Channeling; Medical Herbs; Tarot reading and more. she holds a black belt in Shorin Ryu traditional karate (Dan1); practicing meditation and studying constantly Buddhism and shamanism from different tribes around the world.

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